Welcome to our Company

Welcome to Webertisement!

What makes a digital marketing campaign successful are the research skills of its web marketers. We are not an average Web marketing company. Our job is not simply to put ads on the web. Our company is hybrid platform that combines

  • Industry research
  • Forensic web analysis
  • Creation of novel models of client web imprints
  • Devising strategies to enhance marketing goals
  • Providing narratives for our client’s campaign message
  • Media and video productions
  • Creation, operation and analysis of all campaign ad types

Our analytics department has the capacity to measure and constantly improve the quality of your campaigns. We create and manage social media portals for our clients, including writing original and high quality content for their social media and blog accounts. If you are interested in branding or colonizing a specific market with your data, then look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Webertisement is a company started by a team of industry professionals, including experts in digital marketing, medicine, pharmaceuticals and politics. These professionals are active participants in creating a custom model strategy for our clients.

We provide a full service and a hands-on management of your campaign. If you already have a marketing team, our company also provides consultancy on a case by case basis.

Services Offered

Our specialist panel members have backgrounds in digital marketing, academic research, marketing psychology, web linguistics, political science, and the sociology and anthropology of social media. Moreover, our panel of business professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical industries include doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Our political and election specialists include pollsters, political campaign managers, and former politicians.

The combined power of our industry specialists with the expertise of our digital marketing staff provides you with an unprecedented fusion of high caliber investigative scholars, professionals and technical experts for your web marketing needs.

What we produce is unique and we choose our clients selectively. We strive to take our clients from an unknown digital presence to regional, national and even international web recognition and branding.

After an in-depth investigation into your business, brand and competitive landscape, we create unique strategies for your marketing success in the quest for web dominance whether you are a for-profit or a non-profit company and whether you want to market locally, nationally or internationally.

Our unique fusion of digital marketing experts and inside-industry specialists makes our team ideal for your online success. With our specialist team and their high caliber investigative skills, you should expect the following:

  • Custom-made strategies to increase your authority on the web
  • Creative marketing ideas and plans
  • Forensics on the psychology of your clientele, their web behavior and purchasing habits
  • Analysis of your clientele’s concerns, measuring their traffic and social media habits
  • Measuring your competition’s web presence and devising plans to overcome your competitor’s current advantages
  • Creating new and salient narratives to increase your online reputation and improve your search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Increasing your return on investment (ROI)
  • Help you win elections