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Webertisement as an Idea

Webertisement began as an idea by a Fresno-based neurologist. Having previously hired conventional Web marketers for his growing medical and non-medical businesses, as well as his political campaign management endeavors, he was dissatisfied by the lack of industry knowledge of these digital specialists which often prevented the marketing of businesses to their fullest potential. What if digital marketing was fused with inside industry business specialists? What if Web marketing specialists created campaigns with veterans of political campaigning? In 2015, our neurologist founded a company that could do just that and he called it Webertisement.

What Does Webertisement Do?

Webertisement provides digital marketing services to select medical offices, pharmaceutical companies and political candidates across the North America and beyond. Webertisement has worked with some of the most successful pharmaceutical and medical companies in the United States as well as high-profile politicians running for the senate, congress and mayorship across America.

Webertisement is changing the way businesses and political candidates tackle the complex and competitive world of the web. Webertisement believes that using the expertise of digital marketers is simply not enough to get ahead in our competitive business and political world.

What is also needed are specialist inside-industry marketers to take digital marketing to its fullest potential. As such, Webertisement combines the might of advanced digital marketing experts with the experience and research skills of industry specialists both in the national and international business world and the political landscape of the United States.

If you have a business or political campaign that you want to bring to the new age of specialist-based digital marketing, you can request a consultation by clicking below.